I am not understanding this .
It is not possible through guacamole

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The LAN (local area network) is an isolated network generally made up of
private IP addresses (Private IPs are non public access IPs).

Example: User TOM is from Site A making a connection in to Site B using
Guacamole, Site B will only see the gateway IP address or static Pool IP
address of Site A.  Even though TOM's IP is on his LAN segment
and Site A gateway IP so Site B will only see
unless its NAT Pool then it would see the NAT POOL IP addresses which are
public IPs.

Where this isn't true; is if you break RFC, don't break RFC, RFC is there to
protect you RFC is a good policy.

Now what I think you want is not the LAN IP address but the connection IP of
the client.
This is easy, write a bash scrip that has the following logic.


If new connection is detected on port XXXX then log to file/database or do
You can wrap this with tcpdump and make tcpdump listen only to the port
event, then log that event to the file/database.
Or you parse the Catalina logs (Little more work in coding).

We have a complete provisioning system with API call back server that
controls Guacamole, we use the API server to log the connection requests.

Hope this helps.

Thank You

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