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From Abolfazl Kazemi <>
Subject Slow file transfer
Date Tue, 21 May 2019 07:42:01 GMT
I apologize for creating an issue for this problem before sending it here.

I encountered a slow file transfer for guacamole. I tested several versions
up to 1.0 and this issue persisted.

When I use guacamole for ssh connections and enable sftp file transfer, the
rate at which files are copied is less than one-tenth of regular rate I get
when using scp command.

I ran iftop at the destination and copied a 2GB file using guacamole. The
rate I got was about 70Mbps. When I used scp command and copied the same
file the rate was about 900Mbps.

The same thing goes for connecting over slow links. Over those links even
ssh connections (without file transfer) become intolerable.

It would be great if this could somehow be solved.


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