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From sciUser <>
Subject Re: Slow file transfer
Date Tue, 28 May 2019 15:24:13 GMT

This is more of a network/virtual machine issue in most cases.  

First need to know about your Guacamole setup:

1. what is your Guacamole OS+NGINX or Apache?
2. Is your Guacamole server physical or a VM (vmware, LXC, Xenserver or
3. How much RAM (memory) do you have allocated to your Guacamole system
4. How many CPUs
5. Hard drive speed.
6. Host server specs
7. Fiber or CAT6?

Quick Tip:
If you are connecting to Windows system you need to disable LSA on the
network card and edit the GPO for QoS, by default 80% is allocated, you need
to set it to 100% and if your windows system is part of a ACAD then you need
to edit the policy for QoS using the administration tool.

with the additional information 1-7 I can give further tips on speeding up
your rate.

Thank You

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