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From dennphy <>
Subject Re: Printing
Date Wed, 22 May 2019 00:55:04 GMT
Sorry I overlooked the questions:

- When you say update to latest 1.x series, can you be more specific on what
FreeRDP version gets installed?
RDPDR 1.13 version is showing in the log when session starts

- When you revert guacd to 0.9.14, are you reverting both the Guacamole
Client and guacd, or just guacd with the updated client? 
JUST REVERTING THE SERVER ie Guacd as that is where the problem is - webapp
stays at 1.0.0

- When you revert the Guacamole components to 0.9.14, you're saying the
problem still exists?  So it isn't just in 1.0.0 you see this issue, you're
also seeing it in 0.9.14? CORRECT

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