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From nicoschottelius <>
Subject Re: LDAP search vs. bind - what does guacamole use when?
Date Wed, 01 May 2019 19:06:38 GMT
Good evening Nick,

understood how it works and somewhat happy to see that my findings where not

However in the (rather huge) environment I would like to get guacamole
working, this will be a full show stopper, as users don't have *any* search
right in the AD/LDAP tree.

The way how things are configured in this particular network is that there
is one "reading" binding user that can search the tree and find objects.

User can only bind, but cannot search anything.

Is there any way to alter the behaviour in guacamole to switch it around?
I.e. by adding a flag like ldap-search-with-search-bind-dn: true ?

As this project is a also a bit time critical, I'd be happy for any feedback
in the direction of "sounds doable" or "absolutely impossible". 

Best regards,


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