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From Fil John Goza <>
Subject Remote host shows loopback IP after upgrade to 1.0
Date Sun, 19 May 2019 08:27:41 GMT
Dear Team,
I happened to upgrade our existing guacamole server 0.9.14 to version 1.0.0 but after doing
so, remote host does not show the user's correct IP, it display its loopback address of 127.0.01
instead of their public/private IP.

Upgrade procedure we've done are the following:
1. made a copy of existing server vm, then followed all documented upgrade procedures on test/cloned
2. did update java to 1.8.0 for maven to work.
3. successfully installed guacamole-server, guacamole.war and guacamole-client.3a. replaced
old guacamole.war and guacamole web folder with version 1.0.0
4. removed the 0.9.14 auth extension and replaced with jdbc-mysql-1.0.0.jar and then applied
successfully the upgrade .sql schema
5. restarted tomcat, guacd services (in order)

I am able to login after the upgrade, am able to connect to my connections and all.Only problem
faced is the Active Session window, see below screenshot.
Kindly assist me if there is/are step/s I missed duirng the procedure.

PS. I also did deleted the database using drop database command then import it from a backup.sql

Thanks and regards,Filjohn Goza

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