Can't believe but that's it thanks, I had cleared the cache but not on that machine, appreciate the response!

On Tue 23 Apr 2019 at 08:18, Christian Kraus <> wrote:

This seems to be a browser caching thing,

try to clear all browser cache or access to guacamole from new machine or different web-browser




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Von: rob.killilea <>
Gesendet: Dienstag 23 April 2019 03:10
Betreff: Fault with docker version of 1.0.0 - user settings unavailable

Wanted to upgrade to 1.0.0 in order to add TOTP

Did a fully clean install, deleted all docker images and containers, dropped
database tables and reinitialized from scratch (not first time but after if
didn't work I wanted to eliminate any residual issues). Pulled latest images
from dockerhub for guacd and guacamole and created containers for a mysql

First thing noted is faulty menu and dialogue text as if some
translations/resources are not found - on settings page instead of Manage
User Groups the tab header is USER_MENU.ACTION_MANAGE_USER_GROUPS. This
continues within the tab and on the History tab also with many but not all
column headers and prompts containing placeholder text. (Image <> )

More critically however is the inability to add users or change user
settings for the default user with the exception of updating the password. I
get a spinning cog which remains on screen indefinitely. There are no logged
messages visible in docker logs while this is happening. (Image <> )

Has anyone successfully installed 1.0.0 from scratch using docker?

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