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From Lance Gropper <>
Subject RE: RDP
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2019 23:27:05 GMT
Hello Mike:

That's what I originally did, then had no guacadmin user login (which is a problem I see a
ton of people having), then Nick Couchman had me install Postgresql, and that turned out to
be a big nightmare...Originally, I tried 1.0.0, but it had some sort of known issue that isn't
being fixed until 1.10.0, so I went back to 0.9.14...I can start over, but am afraid I would
end up like I did yesterday - i.e. basically no admin GUI, editing XML files, etc., before
I blew that away. The instructions need improvement - especially chapters 5 and 6. In chapter
5, for example, it says "GUACAMOLE_HOME is the name given to Guacamole's configuration directory,
which is located at /etc/guacamole by default." - that directory does not exist if you follow
the chapter 2 instructions. In chapter 6, I did not know that knowing how to install and configure
a SQL server was a prerequesite for installing Guacamole. That is a bit more difficult than
the Guacamole installation itself, and could use some explanation (at least minimal explanation).
The guy in the link I sent does MySQL in about 7 steps. So what I might try to 0.9.14 under
CentOS 7, built from source with the instructions that other guy gave for MySQL, since that
part of it seems to be working. To make things even more difficult for me here, I have to
go through a squid proxy server, which means custom settings for ftp, yum, wget, maven, and
several other things just to complete the task. Originally, to get the machine going yesterday,
I had to configure an identical system at home using yum --downloadonly to get the files,
then bring them in on a USB key.


From: Mike Jumper <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2019 4:12 PM
Subject: Re: RDP


This email originated outside Deluxe.

On Tue, Apr 30, 2019, 16:01 Lance Gropper <<>>
Hello Mike:

I followed these instructions - this is a clean install:<>

Somehow, all of the libraries appear to be 1.0.0:

[root@guacamole-post etc]# rpm -qa | grep uac


The instructions linked above are incorrect. You shouldn't be installing libguac, etc. from
RPMs and then also building guacamole-server from source. The libguac and libguac-client-*
libraries are part of guacamole-server and will now be mismatched, with different versions
of structures being expected by different components.

You should remove the versions installed via RPMs or remove the version built from source.
Ideally, remove everything, pick one (your distro's RPMs or the source) and install that.
If you're in a position where you can blow everything away and start over, that would be better.

Official instructions for install+build are in the manual:<>

If you choose to go with your distribution's packages, don't also build from source. If your
distribution provides libguac and libguac-client-*, it should also provide a guacd package.

- Mike


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