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From zdobe <>
Subject RE: Assistance with Apache Guacamole 1.0.0 Client
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2019 14:33:15 GMT
Hi Lance,

Thank you for your input!

I did have to manually create the user-mapping.xml file as well. 

I wasn't able to get it to work completely, but i have since reverted back
to the 1.0.0 WAR file to try and troubleshoot why I cannot see the login
screen before I troubleshoot credentials not working. 

Per Mike's findings, I changed from the MariaDB Connector to the MySQL
connector and am now getting different errors in Catalina.out. It looks like
my guacamole SQL user doesn't have rights to the database. Currently
troubleshooting that, I followed the directions on the manual, but it's not
behaving properly.

Here is the Catalina.out log, in large fashion this time:

Please let me know what other logs you may need.

I also apologize for the delay, I have been going offsite for work.



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