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From bigoz <>
Subject Re: TOTP Install
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2019 20:49:17 GMT
vnick wrote
>> I am looking for a little help with the TOTP Extension. I have added the
>> Jar
>> file to the Extensions folder. Restarted the server. What else needs to
>> be
>> configured to change enable TOTP?
> - The TOTP module has to be layered on top of another module that can
> store
> data for it - currently the JDBC module.
> - Any users for whom you want TOTP enabled need permission to edit
> themselves (change their own password).  Else they will not be able to
> enroll in TOTP.
> -Nick

Thanks for the info Nick.

I have the MYSQL module installed so that users can access via DB. I have
added the TOTP module to the same Extensions folder. Each user has the the
ability to change their password. 

I still am unable to see TOTP on any users. To be honest I am not sure it is
running at all.

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