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From nicoschottelius <>
Subject LDAP authentication failtures & success at the same time
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2019 14:54:24 GMT

I am trying to authenticate against ldap and while the logs show

Apr 25 12:56:34 ... server: 12:56:34.943 [http-bio-8080-exec-1] INFO 
o.a.g.r.auth.AuthenticationService - User "nico" successfully authenticated
from 10.204.X.X.

the user sees on the website "Unable to query list of objects from ldap

I tried various settings like

ldap-max-search-results: 1000

or combinations of

ldap-user-search-filter: (ou=specific-sub-ou) 
ldap-max-search-results: 500000

However the error message always stays the same. The tree is a bit bigger
(estimated 5 digit count).

Is it possible that I am unable to work around the bug described in ?

If the tree size is a problem, are there other workarounds that I could try?

Best regards,


p.s.: I had success with a totally different tree / different ldap server,
but the server I am trying to use now is the productive one.

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