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From Idhren <>
Subject Connect to VNC server with SSL
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2019 13:05:34 GMT

I'm testing Guacamole (1.0) since a few day on a RHEL 7 server with VNC, SSH
& RDP connection.
It's been a few day since I'm struggling to encrypt my VNC connection. It
works fine without SSL, but I have this errors when I use SSL:


x11vnc logs:

This is with default options. I tried differents VNC server (tigervnc,
tightvnc) and different options (only ssl, Vencrypt, etc ..) and I was not
able to make it work.

I also tried to connect to the VNC server with "ssvnc" and it worked without
any trouble.
I guess the issue come from guacamole or the libvnc library.

I search on the JIRA if something looks familiar ... Found this topic:
Not sure if this is related or no 

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