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From vincemoya77 <>
Subject Re: LDAP Auth successful, mysql backend fine, but unable to query list from LDAP (I don't want this)
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2019 18:38:37 GMT
So update since the last time I was here:

changed to the server name vs IP address, no difference. :(

authenticates on LDAP, fails after failure to query objects in LDAP.
catalina.out doesn't show any further data, I was hoping the LDAP failure
happens on another log. 

I did try limiting items in LDAP, such as limit search query etc, and the
end result is that there is no timeout after logging in, it immediately
cites the error as described in the subject vs when I left it alone.

Is there any way to indicate on guacamole properties to go directly to mysql
for object/connection entries?
Does the order on how the guacamole properties matter (ie have mysql items
above, ldap items last?)

Thanks again

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