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From vincemoya77 <>
Subject LDAP Auth successful, mysql backend fine, but unable to query list from LDAP (I don't want this)
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2019 20:21:40 GMT
Hi all

I've tried searching for relevant info regarding LDAP and mysql
authentication, I believe I have everything set up accordingly (both plugins
work - guacadmin user able to get in and create users etc) and I just want
my LDAP user credentials to work with machines created in mysql database

I can validate via catalina.out regarding user authentication, the LDAP (AD)
user is able to authenticate successfully, nothing else in logs. but the
guacamole login page hesitates, then fails to log in stating Unable to query
list of objects from LDAP directory. My understanding is that it shouldn't
fail at that, I don't want machines/connection info pulled from LDAP, but
rather through mysql database instead. 

Is there anything that I'm missing here to force the guacamole system to
just look through mysql for connections?

Version 1.0.0.

Alternately is there other logs that I can go and review to ensure
everything is working fine? 

Thanks in advance!


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