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What are your recommendations for the Guac server CPU Cores/RAM etc...?


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We stream video all the time through Guacamole (9.14).
(as a company policy we wont move to 1.0.0 until 2020) 

This really isn't an RDP limitation, vs not having the correct configuration
and resources allocated to the virtual machine streaming the video.

My standards are below if you want to stream video with out lag (doesn't
matter if it is windows or Linux).

1. Internet speed is a big factor (100Mbps Min up/down), the end user will
need at least 5Mbps min,
2. Run dual CPUs on your VM 1C 2T (if you can run 4C 2T)
3. Minimum of 4G ram per VM (If you can run 6 to 8G)
4. Take your Paging File / Swap and lock it statically to same amount of Ram
allocated (e.g. 4G Ram = 4G swap)  If you have a swap ratio delta that is to
large, it will cause more disk seek, and never swap more than 30%

5. This is the big one; (a) your hosting server will need to have at least 6
or more drives in a raid 5 configuration, the more drives the better to
spread the inodes, (b) virtual Host servers will take 5% to 8% of over all
memory to run the udom (e.g. 128G Ram foot print, means 6G for Host server).
(c) Host server (server class) Dual CPU Xeon 10C 20T (Xenserver manages CPUs
and Memory better than VMware), You can get away dual i7 8C 16T but will
need more ram. 

Great thing here is, this is before any introduction to a GPU, and that has
a different standard.

Good test video is iPhone 8 official commercial it hits the correct
spectrum's for audio and video.

P.S.  Customers own computers may vary, because many like to install
everything in the world on their systems, or running in full anti-virus mode
where each bit is scanned (Paranoia). 

We test our platform using a variety of hardware, from chrome books with 4
gigs ram and Chrome/Chromium to tablets (Raspberry pi 1g ram loads +1/-1 as
a gaming laptop (alienware)).  Time from access to environment for a user is
less than >60 secs

Hope this helps.

Thank you

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