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From Dmitry Katsubo <>
Subject Re: Setting up HTTP header authentication
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2019 23:22:56 GMT
On 2019-03-22 21:42, Nick Couchman wrote:
>>     Yes, we removed the NoAuth module without replacing it.  The project determined
that it was not worth continuing to keep it in the code, as the value was limited and the
end-goal of the module
>>     - transparently authenticating users into Guacamole - was possible by several
other more secure means (SSO and parameter tokens, in particular).  It's also true that the
header module is very
>>     simple - it accepts that a user has been authenticated up-stream and relies on
other modules to provide configurations.  This comes with a security caveat of its own -
if you use the header
>>     module it *must* be behind a reasonably secure front-end proxy that won't allow
someone to spoof the header that is then accepted by the authentication module.  There are
warnings about this in
>>     the manual.
>     I agree. On the other hand, even if we make FileAuthenticationProvider work properly,
JDBCAuthenticationProviderModule will still not work, as it requires username/password for
>     against the database. So if there is a need to stack JDBC/LDAP on the top of header
authentication, one needs to agree how to enable that.
> This is not accurate - I've used the Header module with the JDBC module repeatedly, and
it works fine, even without a password being provided.  The JDBC module will recognize users
authenticated by
> any other module - LDAP, Header, CAS, OpenID, RADIUS - regardless of whether the module
sets a password on the Credential object.  The File handler does not currently behave that
way.  The LDAP
> module, when used to store connections, also relies on both the username and password
to be available because it binds to the LDAP tree with the provided username and password. 
The JDBC module uses
> a fixed username and password to access the database, and accepts authentication from
other modules matching via username only.
I agree. After inspecting the code I saw that JDBC provider can process users authenticated
by any other module.

Concerning contribution: where can I find the formatting rules for the project? The standards
described here <> do not
match the current
coding style... Also I cannot find any unit tests for the project. Are there any?

With best regards,

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