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From Will Payne <>
Subject Re: Clipboard config
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2019 13:52:22 GMT

> There are two new parameters that got merged about a month ago that
> allow you to disable clipboard integration, both Copy and Paste
> support.


> Unfortunately they are not slated for 1.1.0, but for 1.2.0, so won't
> make it to the next release.


Guacamole seems like it's going to be really useful for us but we 
really, really need to be able to prevent data leakage - the fact SSH 
connections are essentially graphical is a big win for us but the 
ability to highlight text and have it appear in a text area in the 
browser is a showstopper. It would be nice if, moving forward, the 
ability to enable/disable a new feature was added at the same time as 
the feature itself.


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