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From brian mullan <>
Subject could an option to show-or-not the password entry field for authentication be implemented
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2019 16:31:51 GMT
This is just a feature request.

When entering the information into the Connection configuration form.

I want to just enter:

Username:   ${GUAC_ADMIN}
Password:    ${GUAC_PASSWORD}

as you know when entering the password field though it (by defuault)
puts "*" for each character you type for security reasons.

However, as good a typist as I am I still make a mistake sometimes BUT
all the characters are "************"

I don't know it until later when someone tries to actually login and it
fails because
I typed something like:

Password:   ${GUAC_PASDWORD}  instead of ${GUAC_PASSWORD}

could their be a small selection Check-Box the Admin could Check put next
to that field to "Show Entry" so while you are typing or afterward you
could verify that you typed is:

      Password:   ${GUAC_PASSWORD}   ??


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