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From Carlos Villegas <>
Subject Keyboard input disabled elsewhere when embedding guacamole.
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2019 03:43:59 GMT
I'm embedding guacamole in another web application and I'm having a problem that after accessing
the guacamole component, keyboard input gets disabled everywhere else in the application.

The application works correctly as long as I don't go to the page where the guacamole component
is, which loads the guacamole javascript code.
The guacamole component itself seems to work normally as far as keyboard input, but the rest
of the application gets affected. The input fields get proper focus, cursor changes to text
input and flashes but when pressing a key nothing happens, is like you never pressed the key.

Is there something to do in javascript when the guacamole element loses focus? any hints?

My web framework is Vaadin 8.7 and embedding guacamole as a Vaadin javascript component.

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