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From "Joachim Lindenberg" <>
Subject AW: Using Guacamole to replicate Amazon EC2
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2019 06:36:28 GMT
Hi Gianluca,
For my backup application I wrote a Guacamole extension that in essence
reflects your steps 4+5. I have two directions of integration: the extension
can enumerate all backups and show them in the Guacamole user interface,
selecting one starts a virtual machine out of the backup and connects, or
v.v. I have a button in my user interface that fires up the virtual machine,
generates a token, and starts Guacamole user interface with the token, which
then is used by the extension to use a one-time user and connect to the
virtual machine.
W.r.t. step 6 - in case your user interface or Guacamole is the only access
path, it is fairly easy to integrate that with a Guacamole extension as
well. In my backup application I am relying on other means as there are many
access paths.
Best Regards, Joachim

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Von: GianlucaMassimiani <> 
Gesendet: Sonntag, 3. März 2019 21:55
Betreff: Using Guacamole to replicate Amazon EC2

I have a bunch of servers that I would like to use as a mini-cloud system,
similarly to how Amazon EC2 works. Basically I would like to:
1) Install an hypervisor (e.g. KVM) on each server
2) Install Guacamole on the servers
3) Connect to the cloud system through a web browser, being able to see
which servers are available
4) Through the web browser, select a server and specify the software (for
example, the OS) and further specifications of the instance (virtual
machine) that I want to run on that server.
5) Launch the instance on the server using the KVM, and use the instance
through the web browser
6) When I am done, disconnect from the server (instance on the server should
be destroyed)

Do you think Guacamole is suitable for such a project? My biggest concern is
about steps 4 and 5. After I have connected to the server using Guacamole,
how do I create a virtual machine on the server (that is, how can I make
Guacamole and KVM to interact with each other)? And after that, how do I
connect Guacamole with the just created virtual machine? Any advice would be
really appreciated. Thanks  

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