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Say we don't want to write our own extension and want to alter the code
What file would we need to edit to rename G on Guacamole?

As you mentioned in a previous thread that you're using version 0.9.14, you'd need to go into the guacd source code and change the RDPDR header file that controls this:


You can find the #define lines in that file that control those names.  You'll have to change them and recompile guacd.

However, it gets a bit more complicated than that, for a couple of reasons.  First, we determined that, even though Microsoft claims that the name of the volume needs to be a UTF16-encoded value, this is only true for printer redirection, and it really should be a UTF8-encoded value, so the "G on Guacamole RDP" has actually been a small bug for a couple of versions.  It was corrected in the 1.0.0 release, at which time we also made the redirection use the client name for the "Guacamole RDP" portion of that.

So, you're welcome to fiddle with the guacd source code, if you like, but I'd really suggest that you 1) update to 1.0.0, and 2) just configure connection parameters for client-name and drive-name, at which point the name of that drive with be <drive-name> on <client-name>.  There's no need to write custom code or a customer extension to make that part work - you just set up those connection parameters in whatever authentication module you're using (File, JDBC, etc.).