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From Robert Dinse <>
Subject Guacamole VNC / Web Tunnel
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2019 23:09:53 GMT

      I've gotten guacamole to work with telnet, ssh, and rdp, but I have
not been able to get it to connect to vnc.  I have verified that I can connect
using xvnc4viewer on the same host guacamole is running on to the host I am
trying to connect to.

      You can see the catalina.out, I cleared the logs, restarted tomcat8,
made a connection attempt, then shut it down to try to keep as much
irrelevant material out of the logs as possible.

      This is what my looks like:

# Hostname and port of guacamole proxy
guacd-host:	localhost
guacd-port:	4822

# Authentication provider class

guacd-ssl: true

# Properties used by BasicFileAuthenticationProvider
basic-user-mapping: /etc/guacamole/user-mapping.xml

      This is my guacd.conf

# guacd configuration file


pid_file = /var/run/
log_level = info


bind_host = localhost
bind_port = 4822

# The following parameters are valid only if
# guacd was built with SSL support.


server_certificate = /misc/ssl/
server_key = /misc/ssl/

      And this is my user-mapping.xml

 	    <!-- Per-user authentication and config information -->
     <authorize username="public" password="public">
         <param name="hostname"></param>
 	<param name="port">5900</param>

      Don't worry, the vnc host uses xdmcp and so what comes up if you connect
to it is an xdmcp greeter / login screen.

      The centos6 host is running tigervnc which is one of the vnc's 

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