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From Fabián Rodríguez <>
Subject Re: set tomcat user?
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2019 01:14:11 GMT

Le 19-02-25 à 20 h 09, Robert Dinse a écrit :
> I've got a bit of a disaster on my hands. I am in the process of
> installing guacamole. Got guacamole-server and guacamole-client built,
> so far so good. Tried to deploy but guacamole.war would not deploy in
> the Ubuntu 18.10 environment. Discovered this is because the version
> of Java, guacamole won't run in Java 11, needs Java 8. Okay, since I
> have no other java application it seemed reasonable to just de-install
> jdk-11 and install oracle-java-8 (jdk-8 is missing some libraries). So
> installed it and then tomcat wouldn't start. Found out when you build
> Tomcat it has a library that is specific to the Java version. So I
> snagged Tomcat source and built it and now tomcat runs and deploys
> guacamole.war correctly. However it is running as root, when you
> install the package in Ubuntu it runs as tomcat8, and that is how I
> would like it to run. But I can't figure out where in the
> configuration you set that. Does anyone know how to do this?
If you are starting from scratch you may find it easier to run this
script, please read it carefuly before using it:

May I also ask why use Ubuntu 18.10 ? It's better practice to use Ubuntu
18.04 LTS in a production environment.


Fabián Rodríguez

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