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From AlexC_ <>
Subject Guacamole missdrawing UI elements
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2019 11:34:05 GMT

I've been running into problems making Guacamole draw properly UI elements
on certain programs. Right after refreshing the page everything looks fine,
but when any given UI element leaves the screen or is hidden it stops
drawing entierly until you refresh the page again. Here's a screenshot of
the problem:


Where the buttons on the left are the ones properly drawn and the ones on
the right are missing the black border after opening one of the dropdown

As for technical info this is the latest version of ENVI, made by Harris
Geospatial Solutions and running on a Debian 8 machine. Guacamole is at
version 1.0.0 and running on a server with PHP7.1 and Tomcat 8.

Closest problem I managed to find was ,
but after enabling most of the enviromental vars listed at the end of the
thread I haven't managed to fix it.

Anyone has some pointers on what could be the cause of the problem? Thanks
for your time!

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