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From messido <>
Subject HttpServletRequest getParameter function returning null
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2019 10:23:58 GMT
So I came across two issues once I updated the version of guacamole to 1.0.0

1) HttpServletRequest doesn't hold any of my parameters anymore
2) Can't connect to clients anymore due to *java.lang.NullPointerException


Looks like the guacamole tunnel is receiving the request fine, here are the
*guacd[1]: INFO: Creating new client for protocol "rdp"
guacd[1]: INFO: Connection ID is "$2db8ad42-9af5-4b61-922d-f4a58eca1eaf"
guacd[395]: INFO:       Security mode: ANY
guacd[395]: INFO:       Resize method: none
guacd[395]: INFO:       User "@f595f174-b94b-4f14-a3b4-f2e3b4a14596" joined
connection "$2db8ad42-9af5-4b61-922d-f4a58eca1eaf" (1 users now present)
guacd[395]: INFO:       Recording of session will be saved to "XXXXXXXXX".
guacd[395]: INFO:       Loading keymap "base"
guacd[395]: INFO:       Loading keymap "en-us-qwerty"
guacd[395]: INFO:       guacdr connected.
guacd[395]: INFO:       guacsnd connected.
guacd[395]: INFO:       Connected to RDPDR 1.12 as client 0x0002
guacd[395]: INFO:       Ignoring server capability set type=0x0001,
guacd[395]: INFO:       Ignoring server capability set type=0x0002, length=8
guacd[395]: INFO:       Ignoring server capability set type=0x0003, length=8
guacd[395]: INFO:       Ignoring server capability set type=0x0004, length=8
guacd[395]: INFO:       Ignoring server capability set type=0x0005, length=8
guacd[395]: INFO:       Sending capabilities...
guacd[395]: INFO:       Capabilities sent.
guacd[395]: INFO:       Client ID confirmed
guacd[395]: ERROR:      User is not responding.
guacd[395]: INFO:       User "@f595f174-b94b-4f14-a3b4-f2e3b4a14596"
disconnected (0 users remain)
guacd[395]: INFO:       Last user of connection
"$2db8ad42-9af5-4b61-922d-f4a58eca1eaf" disconnected
guacd[395]: INFO:       Unloading device 0 (Guacamole Filesystem)
guacd[395]: INFO:       Internal RDP client disconnected
connected to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:3389
guacd[1]: INFO: Connection "$2db8ad42-9af5-4b61-922d-f4a58eca1eaf" removed.
guacd[1]: INFO: Guacamole connection closed during handshake

Checking through the network tab of the inspect element tool, I can verify
that form data is being populated when sending request to the tunnel...

Now when I take off any *getParameter* and just hardcode the parameters, I
get this error back when making a request to the tunnel:







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