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From Nick Couchman <>
Subject Re: Session management for an enterprise / automaticly creating VNC sessions
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2019 13:34:14 GMT
On Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 8:07 AM Nico Schottelius <> wrote:

> Hello Guacamole users,
> we are evaluating guacamole for a bigger environment. We have seen
> support for LDAP and 2FA in Guacamole, which is great.
> We would like to use guacamole for a big number of users, who should not
> create their VNC ("backend") sessions manually and were wondering, if
> anyone has solved the problem of "creating backend [VNC]" sessions
> automatically already?

There are other solutions out there to handle automatic creation of VNC
sessions.  The most common one, that has been around for the longest amount
of time, is using inetd/xinetd to launch the sessions.  An example of this
is documented, here:

> We are comparing Guacamole to nomachine/x2go at the moment and the
> feature to be "just able to create a new session" is very interesting
> from a management point of view, as you don't have do manually manage
> the sessions.
> Any pointer in this direction is appreciated.
I think one of the biggest issues and differences between how Guacamole
currently handles those and how NoMachine/X2Go does is the lack of session
persistence in Guacamole.  It's something we've discussed and that I think
we'll address in the future, but, today, there's no way for a user in
Guacamole to connect to a VNC session in the xinetd scenario above, and
then get back to that session if they had to disconnect.

Also, when creating the sessions, X2Go/NX facilitate the negotiation of the
screen resolution between the client and the sever, whereas with VNC and
Guacamole, again, at present, you would have to have a fixed resolution for
the VNC server side.

There are definitely some areas for us to improve Guacamole - I would
certainly love to see session persistence implemented within Guacamole
(there's a JIRA issue for it), and negotiating screen resolution would be
interesting, though I'm not sure how achievable.


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