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From Aaron Newsome <>
Subject Congrats to the Guacamole team for an awesome 1.0.0 release
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2019 03:34:29 GMT
Hey everyone involved on the Guacamole project, I just wanted to send a
huge thanks for working at this awesome software and reaching the 1.0.0

I've been using Guacamole for quite some time now, and I've eventually
figured out how to get upgrades installed quickly. Installing this 1.0.0
version was no problem at all.

I use the LDAP auth, with MySQL DB for connection info and auth-duo for 2
factor authentication. All of this worked on the first try after upgrading.

I did make 1 change this time on upgrade. I basically left the 0.9.14 stuff
in place and put 1.0.0 stuff all in new directories in case I had to go
back to the old version.

2 things I've noticed right away, the clipboard integration is awesome and
the Guac drive is now appearing in my Windows 2012 RDP session. It never
did in 0.9.14.

I also do a LOT of screen captures for my job, and I've created a pretty
automated workflow for capture/encode to mp4/download mp4. I was so happy
to see the release notes said that screen capture can now capture MOUSE
CURSOR. This is awesome and I'll need to test it. I'd previously been using
a Java program I wrote to make a fake cursor that could be captured by the
guacamole screen capture. I'm anxious to test out the new screen capture
feature with built in mouse cursor capture.

Thanks again, Aaron

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