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From Nico Schottelius <>
Subject Session management for an enterprise / automaticly creating VNC sessions
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2019 13:07:33 GMT

Hello Guacamole users,

we are evaluating guacamole for a bigger environment. We have seen
support for LDAP and 2FA in Guacamole, which is great.

We would like to use guacamole for a big number of users, who should not
create their VNC ("backend") sessions manually and were wondering, if
anyone has solved the problem of "creating backend [VNC]" sessions
automatically already?

We are comparing Guacamole to nomachine/x2go at the moment and the
feature to be "just able to create a new session" is very interesting
from a management point of view, as you don't have do manually manage
the sessions.

Any pointer in this direction is appreciated.



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