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From "F. Rodriguez" <>
Subject Re: Sponsoring ongoing Debian packaging ?
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2019 15:10:33 GMT

Le 19-01-15 à 17 h 03, Dominik George a écrit :
> [...]
> Just for the record: The lack of updates to the guacamole package have
> nothing to do with a lack of interest, time or other resources.
> They are because Guacamole cannot be built due to upstream not migrating
> the RDP module to FreeRDP 2
> ( or, depending on
> the point of view, because FreeRDP 1 was removed from Debian
> prematurely.
> So if you want to help, please help upstream migrate to FreeRDP 2.

Thanks for clarifying this. I've updated the Debian bug reports and wiki
page on Guacamole and asked on JIRA for the current status of FreeRDP 2
support, last activity there was in September.

Thanks to those who replied regarding Debian packaging too, once there
is more information on Guacamole JIRA #249 / Debian #900447 it will be
easier to decide and go ahead.


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