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From "F. Rodriguez" <>
Subject Sponsoring ongoing Debian packaging ?
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2019 19:30:40 GMT

I'd like to know if anyone here would be interested in funding Debian
package updates for Guacamole. This would trickle down and benefit its
derivatives (most notably Ubuntu) and help wider adoption and support.
It would also help users benefit faster from improvements in recent
versions. Right now a script is available for manual installation
<>, I see it already
supports v. 1.0.0.

I have a small budget for this and I am in discussion with one Debian
developer to start this effort.

I am CCing emails I've found in current maintainers and those that
worked recently on building against FreeRDP 2 (see Debian #900477

What do you think ? Some sort of crowdfunding could be setup for this, I
like how Freexian + Debian LTS
<> do this. I
am not sure if the Apache Foundation could manage this, perhaps
Glyptodon ? We can also organize this more informally. i am ready to
start funding a few hours monthly by myself but thought I'd share my
intentions and progress here first.

What do you think ? As a current Guacamole user, can you contribute
financially to this effort ? How much ? As a developer and/or
maintainer, are you interested ?

A few references:

  * -  Please
    update to new upstream version
  * -  Build
    against freerdp2
  * - Manual installation notes and
    script for Debian Stretch

- Fabian R.

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