On Mon, Dec 3, 2018 at 11:37 AM hank08 <ahanke@osii.com> wrote:
I created my own application following Chapter 23 of the guacamole guide. I
implemented it using the websocket tunnel instead of the http tunnel.  I am
using rdp to connect to a windows 10 machine.  Everything works fine except
for the sound.  To implement my custom application I cloned a VM that had a
standalone instance of guacamole and just replaced the tomcat portion with
my custom web app so I dont think it should have anything to do with guacd.
I also don't get any error in the logs for guacd.  Is there something I have
to do on the javascript side to enable the sound?  Or perhaps on the java
side I have to enable something to make the sound pass through?

The dev@ list would probably have been a better choice, but:

What value(s) are you giving for the client-supported audio mimetypes via your GuacamoleClientInformation object? If you aren't already doing so, you will need to test what audio codecs are supported on the client side and forward that information through so that the tunnel can supply it to guacd during the handshake. Example of this in practice:


Also see Guacamole.AudioPlayer.getSupportedTypes():


- Mike