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From Not Speedy <>
Subject Re: guacamole 1.0.0 and radius extension
Date Sun, 02 Dec 2018 00:02:00 GMT
odd..the only war/app I have is guacamole, and its the only project i
currently have imported into intellij. I'm building off master.  It looks
like the lib is being pulled in with the mavin-dependency-plugin, during
the build... but I could be wrong.  I'll keep playing with it.  I'm very
new with maven and building things from source.

Thanks again for your help

On Sat, Dec 1, 2018 at 2:54 PM Nick Couchman <> wrote:

> On Fri, Nov 30, 2018 at 12:47 PM Not Speedy <> wrote:
>> I'm struggling with getting this to work.  It appears I'm able to build
>> from source just fine, but then I get the following error and then appears
>> the extension crashes.  Any suggestions? thanks
> When you say building from source, can you specify what source you're
> using?  Presumably the git repo, but are you using the master branch or
> staging/1.0.0?
>> Nov 30 10:35:51 guac server: SLF4J: The requested version 1.5.8 by your
>> slf4j binding is not compatible with [1.6, 1.7]
>> Nov 30 10:35:51 guac server: SLF4J: See
>> for further details.
> This error usually occurs when multiple, incompatible versions of SLF4J
> are loaded.  If you have something other than Guacamole running in your
> Tomcat container, then you may need to check and see if whatever else
> you're running is providing this and perhaps colliding with Guacamole's
> ability to use this.  If Guacamole is the only thing that you're using,
> then you need to check and make sure that you're using matching versions of
> all of the Guacamole components - make sure that the base Guacamole WAR
> file as well as the RADIUS extension (and any others you might be using)
> are the exact same version, built from the exact same revision of code.
> It's particularly worth noting that the "staging/1.0.0" repository is a
> moving target at this point - we're finalizing the 1.0.0 release details,
> but there are still commits being made to this branch, so you might be
> building different versions if you re-pull and re-build and don't update
> all of the JARs and the WAR at the same time.
> -Nick

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