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From sapphireimsuat <>
Subject Re: Built-in reflector/repeater support in guacd daemon (Guacamole protocol)
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2018 14:21:50 GMT
Hi Nick,

Thanks for your suggestion. My understanding on your approach is, having two
guacacd instance between two different network and allow connection. 

My query about roaming users is, assuming I have 100 end users and they are
roaming in different locations and connecting to internet via broadband
connection. All will have the client component and they should be able to
connect to Guacamole server in a single port (where repeater is running).
Connection will be initiated from roaming user-1 and reach repeater.
Technician-1 will also be connecting to repeater to make connection with
roaming user-1.

I am looking is there any built-in component which will act as proxy and
allow simultaneous connections through it to facilitate remote connetion
between viewer and client with minimal latency.


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