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From hank08 <>
Subject Re: Sound not working on custom application
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2018 17:10:22 GMT
mjumper wrote
> What value(s) are you giving for the client-supported audio mimetypes via
> your GuacamoleClientInformation object? If you aren't already doing so,
> you
> will need to test what audio codecs are supported on the client side and
> forward that information through so that the tunnel can supply it to guacd
> during the handshake. Example of this in practice:

As a proof of concept I added the following lines to my java code that
creates the connection and sent it along with my request to create the
ConfiguredGuacamoleSocket.  However this still did not produce any sound.  I
also tried L16 and adding ,channels=2 but none of those  combinations
produced sound.

        GuacamoleClientInformation gci = new GuacamoleClientInformation();

I do see this in the logs

        Dec  4 06:03:45 irixgw1 guacd[22874]: Accepted format: 16-bit PCM
with 2 channels at 44100 Hz

Also I am using chrome to test and running the getSupportedTypes yields
["audio/L8", "audio/L16"]

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