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From ssat <>
Subject Deploy guacd behind NAT
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2018 19:02:20 GMT

I am looking to place guacd behind a NAT network as that looks to be the
only way to gain a VNC connection to my destination VMs. This naturally
introduces a challenge in maintaining the connectivity between
guacamole-client cloud layer and guacd. The environment restrictions local
to guacd dictate that I cannot directly expose the IP address/port of guacd
to the outside world. 

My question is two-fold:
- I was wondering if there are any known best practices or recommended
deployment topologies to make this work? Are there any known experiences of
making a reverse ssh-like setup work successfully to support the websocket
connections between guacamole-client & guacd?

- Are there any long term plans to support a reverse connection setup
assuming users take responsibility of making available a messaging mechanism
to inform guacd of a connection to be setup?


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