If the version of FreeRDP in the Docker image for 0.9.14 is too old, you could try building the guacd Docker image from guacamole-server master. The Dockerfile for guacamole-server has been updated to use Debian stable, which has a newer FreeRDP.

- Mike

On Mon, Oct 1, 2018 at 11:37 AM, Joachim Lindenberg <joachim@lindenberg.one> wrote:


I installed a new virtual machine, docker, docker-compose, configured the system – I am referencing guacamole/guacd and guacamole/guacamole from my docker-compose.yml.


Connections to Hyper-V VMs are disconnected immediately (didn´t test anything else).

Docker logs guacd reveals the following:


guacd[86]: INFO:        Security mode: NLA

guacd[86]: WARNING:     Installed version of FreeRDP lacks support for the preconnection PDU. The specified preconnection BLOB and/or ID will be ignored.

guacd[86]: INFO:        Resize method: none

guacd[86]: INFO:        User "@d22fb955-b202-44f3-8e0f-918085a68e68" joined connection "$fbccda9f-4170-4a4c-87ab-e824d1ae8434" (1 users now present)

guacd[86]: INFO:        Loading keymap "base"

guacd[86]: INFO:        Loading keymap "de-de-qwertz"

recv: Connection reset by peer

guacd[86]: ERROR:       Error connecting to RDP server

guacd[86]: INFO:        User "@d22fb955-b202-44f3-8e0f-918085a68e68" disconnected (0 users remain)

guacd[86]: INFO:        Last user of connection "$fbccda9f-4170-4a4c-87ab-e824d1ae8434" disconnected

connected to Tom.samba.lindenberg.one:2179

Error: protocol security negotiation failure

guacd[1]: INFO: Connection "$fbccda9f-4170-4a4c-87ab-e824d1ae8434" removed.


docker exec -it guacd xfreerdp --version

This is FreeRDP version 1.0.2


Is this a known issue? How can I check the freerdp library version? Can I upgrade the container? What else can I do?

Thanks & Best Regards, Joachim