On Sat, Oct 20, 2018 at 1:54 AM Reinert Korsnes <reinert.korsnes@online.no> wrote:

I got my program experimentally available for others via guacamole and a
linux user. One of the first questions I got was:

Is it possible to avoid the need of two pairs of user/password?

The answer is: It depends.  In many situations, yes, it is possible to avoid this - if your Linux login is the same as the login you use for Guacamole, then you can use Parameter Tokens for the username and password to automatically fill this information in:


This works really well in situations where Guacmaole is using LDAP authentication and is pointed at Active Directory, and you're accessing Windows RDP sessions that are part of the same AD domain.  You can also use it when Guacamole is pointed at an LDAP tree and your Linux systems are pointed at the same LDAP tree (AD, OpenLDAP, etc.) and the username/password for Guacamole will be the same as the target Linux server.

If the Linux host does not use the same authentication mechanism as the Guacamole web interface, then you're going to have to have two sets of prompts - one for Guacamole and one for the Linux login.  Also, depending on the protocol you're using to access the Linux host, this may not be possible - SSH and Telnet should work fine, or RDP (if you're using XRDP).  Because VNC uses a password only between Guacamole and the VNC server, it's not really possible to automate the login portion past the VNC password.

Hopefully this all makes sense - feel free to reply if you have any other questions.