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From Ronny Aasen <>
Subject Re: http as a guacamole protocol
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2018 20:17:59 GMT
On 02.10.2018 20:45, Mike Jumper wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 11:26 AM, Ronny Aasen < 
> <>> wrote:
>     Hello
>     Sorry if this is asked before, but I did not see it in the FAQ
>     I have installed guacamole, and it is simply fantastic. the ease
>     of use, and quick access to rdp/vnc/ssh/telnet is just awesome.
>     I use it as a jump host in my home network, when i am away.  but
>     often i just need to access the web page of the NAS, or the
>     router. and do not need a full desktop.
>     is it possible to get HTTP and/or HTTPS as supported protocols ?
> See:
> <>
> Overall, no, this isn't something that's in scope of a remote desktop 
> gateway like Guacamole. What you're looking for would be a general 
> reverse proxy for HTTP/HTTPS. The Apache web server and Nginx are both 
> good examples.
> - Mike

Thanks for your reply, and the link. I did not find that in my googling. 
although i was looking for instruction on how to configure it in today's 
guacamole, since it seemed such a obvious thing to me.

very sorry to hear that it have been considered, and found unwanted..  
It seems a bit odd to me to limit the usefulness of a tool due to some 
arbitrary scope. unless that scope is required in order to secure 
financing the project or something similar.  Since guacamole is an 
excellent remote management tool for the things it supports, it makes it 
a pity that it can not support the other common remote management 

I may have misunderstood guacamoles purpose. what are people use it for 
if not remote management via desktop and ssh... is the intention a VDI 
solution fopr end users?

I do run both nginx and haproxy as revers proxies for things where this 
is appropriate (web clusters and such) but i was looking for a solution 
that gave me access to a web based management interface that are not 
meant to be available online without a security login with 2FA like 

I use openvpn access server today, with 2FA. and it does it's job. I can 
access rdp/ssh/vnc/http/etc  but it is a bit clunky when you connect to 
different gateways all the time. and guacamole was a much "sexier" and 
smoother solution.

I agree it may not "fit" into guacd, but there should be nothing 
stopping someone from making a gauc-p revers proxy that could be 
accessed via the guacamole web interface. all it needs to do is what ssh 
-D8080 does today in practicality. but since the requirements are small 
i would think adding a guacd client plugin that functioned as a tunnel 
would be more sane, instead a whole new server.

Since guacamole is limited to displaying Is it perhaps possible to do a 
single application of a remote desktop X11 application via guacamole, 
that could open just a single browser, to "cheat" into getting a web 
page at the remote location. that could run the remote "browser" on the 
guacd linux server host.

thanks for your time
Ronny Aasen

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