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From Felix Wolfheimer <>
Subject Handling of simultaneous key-down and mouse-button events
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2018 15:02:20 GMT
I'm using an application on a remote desktop served by Guacamole 0.9.14
(Remote side: CentOS 7.5, MATE Desktop, TurboVNC 2.2, VirtualGL 2.6). The
application uses the following workflow:
If pressing the Spacebar (and holding it down) it shows an overlay on an
OpenGL window it renders. This overlay has three buttons. Each button
selects a different action for the 3D view (rotate, zoom, pan). So while
the spacebar is pressed, I'm moving the mouse to this overlay, press the
left mouse button to select the action, and then move the mouse (spacebar
and left mouse button still pressed at the same time) to perform the action
on the 3D view.

While a normal TurboVNC+VirtualGL connection works for this workflow, the
behavior gets weird when guacamole is on top of it. The overlay flickers
once I start moving the mouse (mouse button and spacebar pressed) and the
3D view doesn't perform the expected action. I suppose that guacamole has
some difficulty passing the events to the remote session. It seems like it
sends a series of key-down and key-release events instead of a single
key-down event at the start and a key-release event at the end (at least
the behavior of the remote application looks like this). Has anyone seen
such a behavior?

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