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From Nick Couchman <>
Subject Re: http as a guacamole protocol
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2018 12:48:54 GMT
> Hello
> my comment about client plugin, was from this page
> where
> it is stated that protocol support in guacd is added as "client plugins"

Ah, I'm sorry, I mis-read this - the context led me to believe you were
talking something like Browser Plugin or Java Applet, but I see what you're
saying, now.

> I am sorry if my frustration was so visible, was not my intention :)
> I just liked guacamole so much that i had hoped to use it for
> $everything right away. But I do realize it is more complex then one can
> assume at first glance.

No worries - I've been on the admin side of these projects more time than
the development side, and often found myself in the place of wishing a
project did exactly what I was hoping it would do, or getting frustrated
that I expect it to do something and then finding out it doesn't.  Again,
hopefully I was able to clear up what this project is getting at, even
though I can't point you in the direction of any Open Source project that
does $everything you're looking for :-).

> the sexy and smooth is absolutely a compliment, what guacamole does for
> RDP and VNC is just amazing.

I agree - one of the things that attracted me to contributing to the
development of Guacamole was being amazed at how well it did some of the
things I was looking for, and a desire to give back to the project and to
expand the features into other areas that I thought would be beneficial or
that I wanted.  I'm not the most talented developer out there, but it is
very interesting and challenging being on the development side of a project
like this and getting to expand it to include other functionality.  It's
definitely a really cool piece of software and fun project to be a part of.


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