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From Adi Linden <>
Subject Re: No connections for header authenticated user
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2018 17:29:53 GMT
Hi Mike,

I will post my (sanitized) build instructions and configs to Gist or something like that.
That should hopefully make it easier to look at.

First I built plain vanilla with user-mapping.xml. It works great. Then I added mysql and
it works great as well, both with user-mapping.xml and without. Then I tried header authentication
with user-mapping.xml, with mysql only (blank user-mapping.xml) and both. The result is the
same. When I connect to guacamole direct the login page shows and I can authenticate and see
everything that has been configured under the user profile. When I connect via the nginx proxy
there is no login box (as expected) but none of the user profile information shows. It’s
a “blank” page, no defined connections (neither user-mapping.xm nor mysql) and just the
basic settings menu. I tried with REMOTE_USER header and a custom header. Result is the same.

The particulars:

Ubuntu 18.04
Guacamole 0.9.14
Guacamole-server and guacamole-client built from git, checked out the 0.9.14 tag

  *   Is permission to access specific connections granted to the user in MySQL having the
same username as the user authenticating with a header?

Mysql works fine when directly connecting to guacamole, without proxy or header authentication.
DB settings defined in and user in mysql match. Do I need to do something
else for header authentication to allow looking up information in the profile?


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