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From doyouhas <>
Subject Re: "Communications link failure" Exception being thrown.... Dear god help
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2018 14:37:57 GMT
Alright guys. I have an update to this story. I put together a small java
class for the purpose of testing JDBC functionality on the EC2 instance in
question. I was able to execute a query successfully against my database
using the same MySQL jar that resides in my /etc/guacamole/lib folder. So I
am fairly confident now there is an issue with my configuration, the RDS
cluster is not the issue. I tried to do the bare minimum config according to
the docs. The current layout of my /etc/guacamole directory:


My file is as follows:

# Guacd settings
guacd-hostname: localhost
guacd-port: 4822

# MySQL properties
mysql-hostname: <hostname>
mysql-port: 3306
mysql-database: <db>
mysql-username: <user>
mysql-password: <password>

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