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From doyouhas <>
Subject "Communications link failure" Exception being thrown.... Dear god help
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2018 18:57:23 GMT
I have pasted the relevant contents of the catalina.out file to the link
below, as in the past some people have complained about code formatting.
When I began testing my application, I was actually running a mysql server
on an ec2 instance instead of running against an RDS instance. So my
database currently is residing in an Aurora serverless cluster. I haven't
experienced this exception before. That is the only major differences
between my earlier test configurations. I am really stuck here, I have no
idea where to begin troubleshooting this issue. Checked the syslog, no
relevant messages logged there. I get the classic "blank screen" situation
that I have posted about in the past. Any help on this would be greatly


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