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From winklefr <>
Subject Tomcat8 Guacamole connection fails
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2018 14:14:11 GMT
Hello everyone, 

I'm trying to run guacamole on my ubuntu 18.04 but i encounter some

First I installed it with this script :
So I have guacamole 0.9.14, tomcat8 and MySQL as authentication DB.

At first I manage to login as guacadmin in the interface and was able to
create a first user. But since then each time I try to login as guacadmin or
this user, i face a black screen and pink box saying "internal server error"
and it tries to log me again. I cannot pass beyond that screen.

I also have an nginx proxy with ssl in front, but I don't think its an issue
as I got the same error if I try to access guacamole directly or through the

I tried different solution proposed on the internet, but couldn't get
anything to work. I think there is a problem between tomcat and guacamole.

My services (mysql, tomcat8 and guacd) are up and running.

Here are my conf files and logs extract : 

Catalina.out withoug debug mode

Catalina.out with debug mode (I removed some stuff that are repeating to
reduce the length, with [...]


I don't have a user_mapping.xml as I have a MySQL DB, but when I tried to
create some, I had an error saying I was missing a </user-mapping> tag to
close de file, which was not the case (so I just removed the file).

tomcat8 server.xml

I really don't know what to do from here, and I'm to the point of
considering uninstalling everything and trying from scratch, but with the
script I used, uninstalling is tricky...

Thank in advance for all the help you could provide, and let me know if you
need more stuff...

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