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From surgo <>
Subject Bizarre RDP issues with 0.9.14 / Win7
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2018 15:56:24 GMT
I'm about at my wit's end debugging an RDP issue and was hoping that someone
else might have seen this before and have some ideas. Our setup looks like

Browser -> Page with Guacamole client iframed -> Guacamole client (not the
.war, but a custom servlet that just does very basic auth and connection) ->
guacd -> Windows 7 w/ RDP.

Upon loading the page with the client iframed, everything works just fine.
I'm able to log in and do everything in my session as one would expect. Soon
though, the image will freeze (the quickest way to get this to happen is to
go to YouTube and start watching a video). What's weird about this is that
according to Chrome's network view, requests and responses are still being
sent/received as though everything was still fine -- just without any new
data from the server, so the image stays static. To get back to the image
moving again, the page needs to be reloaded (and re-log into windows).
What's interesting about this is that inputs from the browser side are still
being sent -- so if you clicked the "minimize" button on your browser in the
frozen image, then refreshed the page, you'd see the browser properly
minimized. Everything is flowing as you'd expect, except that we aren't
getting image updates so the image remains frozen.

I've tried just about everything I could find on Google to deal with this to
no avail. This list includes:
- Disabling audio (in Windows, guacamole already has it disabled)
- Disabling autotuning for TCP.
- Disabling various services.
- Turning off the bitmap cache in FreeRDP (recompiled Guacamole to do this).

If anyone has any further ideas, I'd really be interested in hearing them!

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