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From Damien <>
Subject Docker derived from guacamole/guacamole does not start
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2018 00:13:32 GMT

I am using Guacamole on a Kubernetes environment, and I have created a pod
containing guacd and an image built on top of guacamole/guacamole.
I have added nginx (for reverse proxy, on port 80, and avoid /guacamole in
url) and avahi (to use bonjour for dns).
I have also added my custom extension for authentication (application
specific apis)
I also customized the entrypoint to start nginx and avahi before launching
guacamole (/opt/guacamole/bin/

When testing on my local docker, my image works fine.

When running on kubernetes, sometimes, guacamole does not start :
"mkdir: cannot create directory '/root/.guacamole/extensions': File exists"
But if I try to remove this directory before launching, it says directory
does not exists, and then I have this error.
When I restart my pod, it works. But that is not a solution.

Do you have any idea to have guacamole start nice the first time ? Or should
I also replace the startup script ?


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