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From otsa <>
Subject Guacamole 18.04 Support for protocol "RDP" is not installed
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2018 13:02:05 GMT

I'm installing guacamole on a Ubuntu 18.04 server and everything is working
fine until i try to actually connect to a RDP host where guacamole gives 

when i ran configure i got 

which seems to imply that RDP support is installed, also i can run 

and have it validate the login. and now im not sure what more to try i found
a similar case  here
but the  ldd gave this 

which I'm not to sure how to see if anything is missing.
How can i continue finding why this doesn't work, i have installed guacamole
on 16.04 without any problem before. so any information on how to proceed
would be greatly appreciated
Thanks & Best Regards, Otto

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