On Fri, Sep 28, 2018 at 6:23 AM Galyrith <quentin.lucas@umontpellier.fr> wrote:
Hi, it's me again,

Guacamole with database authentication and ldap authentication works

But, because there is always a but, i don't have all users of the ldap
directory in my database but i can loggin with all users.

And, is it possible to allow all users to use a rdp connection without
having to authorize one by one?

Unfortunately there isn't a good way right now - you would either to have to authorized them individually in the GUI or write a script to add the entries to the database.

However, group support is coming to Guacamole in version 1.0 (I'm reviewing the code that Mike wrote, now), particularly to the JDBC module, so it should become easier in the near-future, as you'll be able to associate those users with a group in the JDBC module and then assign permissions that way.  You'll still have to create the matching user accounts in the JDBC module (you can script that) and then add them to the groups (can also script that), but it'll at least make the permissions assignment easier.

I would imagine that the next steps will be to take that group support out to other modules, like the LDAP module, so i would expect continued progress in this regard in the coming months.