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From Nick Couchman <>
Subject Re: ubuntu 18.04 w guacd, pulseaudio, xrdp, pavucontrol shows xrdp audio output but no sound locally
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2018 18:27:49 GMT
On Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 9:49 AM brian mullan <> wrote:

> I have a cloud server with
> ubuntu 18.04
> guacamole v0.9.14 installed
> pulseaudio 11.1
> latest xrdp, xorgxrdp and the 2 pulseaudio .so files built & installed for
> xrdp pulseaudio connectivity.
> Before trying to login to the remote desktop using  Chrome & Guacamole I
> tested just logging in directly using xfreerdp on my local machine:
> xfreerdp /cert-ignore /u:bmullan /p:xxxxxxxx /sound:sys:alsa
> /v:X.X.X.X:3389
> and Audio *DOES* work !
> So next I used Chrome to log into the remote Ubuntu Desktop with
> Guacamole.  Login works ok and I execute pavucontrol on the cloud server so
> I can see if audio is playing
> I then execute:
> $ aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*
> and although pavucontrol does show audio output from xrdp from the aplay
> guacamole is not playing that audio on my local chrome (or firefox) browser.
> I've attached a short screen capture video showing this.
> And although Nick's comment in this thread
> <>
> was about Guacamole's VNC & I am using Guacamole's RDP w/xrdp on the
> Ubuntu... I was more interested in "how" guacd comsumes the remote audio
> and gets it back to the local client machine running the Browser that
> connects to it.

The methods used for audio playback are very different between the
protocols.  VNC does not have any built-in audio support, which is why this
method of modifying PulseAudio and forwarding through that exists.  So, for
VNC connections, guacd sets up a separate link to the PulseAudio daemon
running on the VNC server and then takes care of translating the VNC +
PulseAudio streams into the Guacamole protocol, which is then redirected to
the browser.

When using the RDP protocol with Guacamole, no such link to PulseAudio
exists - this is because RDP already includes the ability to forward audio
as part of the protocol, and so guacd is able to pick up the audio from the
RDP stream and there's no need to work around the lack of support as in the
VNC protocol.

The fact that you can hear the audio when connecting with xfreerdp means
that xrdp is correctly passing audio through the RDP protocol to the
client, so you just need to figure out why guacd isn't picking it up.  I
have a couple of initial things for you to try/verify:
- Does audio work through Guacamole when you connect to a Windows server,
but not to the Linux server (xrdp)?
- Did you correctly link the Guacamole RDP plugins to the FreeRDP lib
directory?  These are the .so files in the lib/freerdp directory where
guacd is installed - in some cases those need to be linked into
/usr/lib64/freerdp (RHEL/CentOS) or /usr/lib/freerdp, etc.



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