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From brian mullan <>
Subject Re: Error "make" guacamole "please help me"
Date Sat, 01 Sep 2018 15:49:59 GMT
Thanks Nick.. I completely understand the "time suck" doing that patch into
0.9.14 might be for you folks.

I can wait for v1.0  :-)

On Sat, Sep 1, 2018 at 10:16 AM Nick Couchman <> wrote:

> On Sat, Sep 1, 2018 at 9:22 AM bmullan <> wrote:
>> Nick
>> So I read your response and this is fixed in v1.0 master or branch but as
>> users we don't know when that might become available.
> We're nearing completion on 1.0.0.  It has a couple of outstanding issues
> that need to be completed/fixed, and then some documentation to wrap up.  I
> hope it's a matter of weeks, but most of us that contribute to the project
> have day jobs that don't involve actively contributing to the project, so
> we can only work so fast.  Unfortunately for me it's a hobby, not a career
> :-).
> You can check the 1.0.0 version out from the Github mirror repo
> (staging/1.0.0 branch):
> if you go this route you'll also need to build the guacamole client code
> of the same version due to the number of changes made:
>> Is there anyway to get this "fix" included into the current 0.9.14
>> release ?
> I'm sure you could patch the 0.9.14 source with this fix - the code for
> the fix is relatively simple:
> It should be pretty easy to patch the 0.9.14 code.  The Guacamole project
> will not release an official fix for it, though (aside from the 1.0.0
> version) - we do not go do any official back-ports of patches to
> already-released code.
>> /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/bits/stdio2.h:33:10: note:
>> ‘__builtin___sprintf_chk’ output between 8 and 2055 bytes into a
>> destination
>> of size 2048
>> There are a lot of 3rd party "build" scripts for Guacamole which I assume
>> fail now due to this and may be causing new users of Guacamole alot of
>> frustration trying to install it.
> Probably so - there's a reason we don't claim or support those third party
> scripts.  The build process is well-documented within the project, and we
> fix issues like this within the repository.  We definitely do not want the
> process to be frustrating for people; however, sometimes those third party
> build scripts only compound the frustration.  They're fine when they work,
> but when they don't you have the added steps of having to debug the build
> script on top of what might actually be broken in code.  The only thing we
> officially support in that area is the Dockerfile build that is part of the
> repositories - Docker is the way the project has decided to take to
> automate Guacamole builds.
> Beginning with 1.0.0 we have/will take(n) a new approach to versions in
> Guacamole that should allow us to release patches and minor version
> increments much more quickly, which will enable us to respond better to
> scenarios like this.  1.0.0 is nearing completion, and, after that we will
> probably have another version out relatively quickly as we're already
> accumulating quite a list of fixed issues in the master version of the
> repo.  Looking beyond 1.0.0 we want to be able to quickly/easily release
> patch versions (e.g. 1.0.1) and minor versions (1.1.0) more quickly and
> maintain compatibility across major versions of Guacamole (1.x.x).
> Hopefully this will mean more than one release per year, which, as a
> long-time user of open source projects, I fully understand can be
> frustrating - I've experienced it myself more than once.
>> Searching for a solution myself I saw a long thread about this error on a
>> redhat user forum where they were blaming the failure to build guacamole
>> on
>> the gcc compiler version and several other wrong conclusions.
>> Same thing with ubuntu users trying to build guacamole for the 1st time (I
>> use ubuntu 18.04 but know its not the gcc ver and was aware of your fix
>> for
>> v1.0 Guacamole whenever it gets released.
> Yeah, and this particular change is a hotly-debated issue among many
> software developers.  The change in GCC has caused many, many issues with
> various software builds, and a lot of people are not happy about it, but
> the GNU Compiler folks have stuck to their guns and there are fixes
> available.  Sometimes they just take a while to come out.
>> Many of those people may not know to how or want to /"check out either the
>> master or staging/1.0.0 branch and build from there"  /
> I certainly understand this, and we want to get 1.0.0 out as quickly as we
> can.  For the time being, your options are:
> - Check out the Git repos for 1.0.0 or master and build that way.
> - Grab the code from the pull request above and patch the 0.9.14 version
> of the code.
> - Stick with 0.9.14 and install with a compiler that is known to work.
> This may mean using Ubuntu 16.04 or CentOS7 or some other combination of
> known-good platforms.  There are several that still work and compile
> correctly.  I use CentOS7, and, while it means I have to compile newer
> versions of FreeRDP manually because the packages are so old, it's stable
> and works well long-term.  Ubuntu 16.04 is a LTS version, is stable where
> it is, is known to compile Guacamole correctly, and is still supported and
> active.
> - Use the Docker images (available in Docker hub).
> - Nick

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